Yavuz Hazelnut
Yavuz Hazelnut Products Since 1933

       Yavuz Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi, known as Yavuz Hazelnut Products in the international market, was established in 1933 in Giresun, Turkey, which meets 70% of the world's hazelnut needs. If we briefly summarize this 90-year process from 1933 to the present day; we entered the sector with the domestic market, we turned to export in a very short time and with our experience increasing over the years, we took the first steps of international trade in the 1940s. We started processed hazelnut export by establishing our first processed production facility in 1982.

Social Management System Policy

Our Social Management System policy includes the standards we have created by working as a team with all our business partners, based on our basic principles and values. Our goal is to make the Social Management System a corporate culture within YAVUZ HAZELNUT. To accomplish this, Social Management System standards have been established and started to be implemented. In addition to creating products and services with these standards, this policy provides employees/ workers with all their rights arising from the standards within the framework of the law, complying with occupational health and safety rules, being sensitive to the environment, being a model for accountability and transparency, open and honest communication between employees/ workers, undertakes to create a workplace where it is respected and valued and where it will work in humane conditions. The Social Management System policy is announced to all our employees/ workers through trainings, our suppliers are informed, and our suppliers are evaluated according to these criteria.

Our business agrees to stand for the following operating principles. These principles are based on International Labor Organization (ILO) standards and internationally accepted labor practices. The highest standard practices will be taken into account when differences or conflicts arise in between the standards.

Employment Relationship
It is committed to adapting and adhering to the rules and conditions of employment in a manner that respects employees/workers and at least secures their rights under national and international labor and social security legislation and regulations.

Prevention of Forced and Compulsory Labor
Working personnel is obliged to do the work for which he/she is assigned in return for a fee, pursuant to the employment contract established with the employer/worker with his/her consent. The employee/ worker undertakes not to work overtime or without his/her consent to work in a job other than an employment contract.
Convicted labor, debt labor, forced labor, or in any other form of forced labor cannot take place.

Child Labour Prevention
Our company undertakes to act in accordance with the procedures and principles of employing children and young workers and not to hire anyone under the legal minimum age of 15 or the age of completion of compulsory education (whichever is higher).

Including hiring, compensation and other benefits, promotion, discipline, dismissal or retirement; undertakes to employ on the basis of ability to do the job, not according to language, religion, race, sect, color, ethnicity, marital status, gender, political opinion, social group, philosophical belief, age, pregnancy and disability.
It offers equal opportunities to all employees/workers, except for the special working conditions that laws allow for pregnant women, young workers and disabled people.

Decent Working Hours
To comply with the laws and obligations in force in determining the working hours and overtime hours, to comply with the voluntary principle in overtime, to comply with the weekly and annual overtime limits specified by the laws and customer standards in case of overtime work, not to apply overtime work regularly, and undertakes to to pay the wage of the overtime as per the increased amount determined by the laws.
Normal weekly working time will not exceed 45 hours. Employees / Workers will be allowed 24 hours of uninterrupted rest during each seven-day period. Except for extraordinary circumstances, the sum of the weekly normal working and overtime hours shall not exceed 60 hours.

Fair Fees and Payments
Every employee / worker has the right to earn a wage sufficient to meet his basic needs and provide a current income for a normal working week. Pay at least the legal minimum wage or the applicable applicable wage, whichever is higher, complying with all legal requirements regarding wages, and be provided with benefits other than wages as required by law or employment contract. Where the remuneration is not sufficient to meet the employess / worker's basic needs and provide current income, it will take appropriate action to gradually realize this level of remuneration.

Occupational Health and Safety
Our company is committed to complying with the Occupational Health and Safety legal requirement and the Social Management System standards and projects of our customers by using technical developments and innovations effectively. Undertakes to take the necessary measures by examining the factors and conditions affecting health and safety in order to prevent work-related, work-related or work-related accidents and injuries that may occur as a result of the operation of the facility. Including all employees/workers, temporary workers, subcontractors, visitors, customers and any person in the workplace affected by its activities.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining Rights
Employees/workers can gather in a collective way, they are free to become members of unions or legal associations and to use their collective bargaining rights, provided that they comply with the legal conditions. Employees/workers cannot be terminated or discriminated against because they are members of a union, association, or community. As an employer/worker, it is our primary duty to protect the legal rights of employees /workers and to create an environment where employees' rights are respected.

Wishes, Complaints and Suggestions
It undertakes to establish the necessary infrastructure for each employee / worker to convey their wishes, complaints, and suggestions, to ensure that the employee/ worker works in a happy environment by making timely and effective evaluations and feedbacks, and not to retaliate in the notification of wishes, complaints and suggestions made by the employee/ worker.

Relations with the Community and Employees
Our company makes a commitment to establish bonds on the basis of goodwill by listening to the opinions of its employees/workers, obtaining information from their opinions and taking their opinions into account. In this context, it determines the employee/ worker representatives in accordance with the legal regulations, creates an environment where the employees/workers can discuss their problems with the representatives and allows them to report their problems in writing to the suggestion boxes. Commit to establishing a dialogue with its employees/ workers on workplace and workplace rights issues, where appropriate.

Compliance with Laws and Other Obligations
It undertakes to continuously monitor and operate in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, the business partnership rules of our customers and the Management Systems standards that we apply voluntarily.

Discipline / Prevention of Abuse and Harassment
It undertakes to respect the personality and dignity of each employee/worker, not to impose corporate punishment, not to allow verbal, physical, sexual or psychological harassment, mobbing, threat or coercion, or bad behavior.

Freedom of Representation
In accordance with legal conditions and standards, we undertake to respect the representation rights of our employees / workers and support their ability to express themselves.

Prevention of Bribery and Corruption
We undertake not to accept any gift or payment that will provide financial gain from all our employees/ workers and suppliers, and not to make such requests. Any behavior that provides unfair personal advantage for employees / workers will not be tolerated. It is strictly forbidden to receive and give any material that can be considered as a bribe.

Environmental Protection
It undertakes to comply with applicable environmental legislation and customer standards. It undertakes to take measures to minimize its negative effects on the environment, to prevent environmental pollution and to reduce pollution from its source with an effective waste management, as well as to protect natural resources and reduce carbon dioxide emissions with an efficient energy method.

Compliance with Customs Legislation
It undertakes to comply with all applicable local and international regulations regarding customs, to establish programs that comply with these regulations and to prevent illegal shipment of the products it produces.

Product Safety
It undertakes to ensure that undeclared goods (drugs, explosives, illegal biological or chemical substances and smuggled goods) that may violate security are not included in their shipments.

Relations with Suppliers
It undertakes to take the commitments of the suppliers it works with regarding the compliance with the Social Management System issues, to evaluate them in terms of the Social Management System, to monitor the evaluation results with an action plan, and to gradually increase the Social Management System levels.

Executive Management
The senior management undertakes to carry out the activities of the Social Management System and Social Performance team under a management framework that complies with the applicable laws and regulations, the Social Management System standards of the customers, and the workplace code of conduct. It undertakes to carry out continuous improvement activities on this subject and to review it periodically, to provide the budget needed for all these studies.


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