Yavuz Hazelnut
Yavuz Hazelnut Products Since 1933

       Yavuz Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi, known as Yavuz Hazelnut Products in the international market, was established in 1933 in Giresun, Turkey, which meets 70% of the world's hazelnut needs. If we briefly summarize this 90-year process from 1933 to the present day; we entered the sector with the domestic market, we turned to export in a very short time and with our experience increasing over the years, we took the first steps of international trade in the 1940s. We started processed hazelnut export by establishing our first processed production facility in 1982.

Natural Hazelnut Kernels


Natural hazelnut kernels are first passed through separators and then through stone separators to be cleaned of foreign materials. Then, the hazelnut kernels, which pass through the optical selection machines, are shipped to the natural hazelnut kernel line or the processed hazelnut kernel production line.


The hazelnuts coming from the pre-cleaning are subjected to size classification in this line according to the customer's request. The classified hazelnut kernels are passed through two laser selection machines on each line, and finally, after being checked by the selection staff at the control desks, they are sent to the packaging department or the processed hazelnut kernel line.
The hazelnut kernels are divided into single or multiple sizes between 9-15 mm. While these processes are in progress, the physical and chemical analysis results of the product are constantly monitored in the laboratory at all stages of production.


Single sizes:  10-11 mm  / 11-12 mm  / 12-13 mm  / 13-14 mm  / 14-15 mm
Multiple sizes : 9-11 mm / 11-13 mm  / 13-15 mm  / 9-15 mm


Natural Hazelnut Packaging :
» Jute Bag  (50 – 80 kg)
» Big Bag ( 800 – 1000 kg)
» Vacuum Big Bag (650 - 1000 kg)
» Vacuum Bag (650 - 1000 kg )
» Carton (10 -25 kg)